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We got our start like most people with following the Keto diet. We experimented with ketones and loved the results but not the price!! We set out to make an affordable supplement that everyone could take daily and not break the bank. All ketone supplements have 1 common main ingredient, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. So we contacted the company that holds the patent for BHB here in the US and they were on board with our idea. So that is what we offer you, 100% PURE Beta Hydroxybutyrate salts (Bound to Calcium & Sodium), there are no flavors, sugars, colors or any additional ingredients. NOTHING is added. No fancy packaging, multi level marketing sales reps, paid fitness models endorsing the product. Just pure BHB at an affordable price so that everyone can use  this product. Whether you are using it for medical reasons, to burn body fat, or just increase energy now you have a supplement you can afford to take daily. 

Ketones have several uses!
-Help you into ketosis faster for the keto diet for burning body fat as fuel.
-Skip the keto flu when starting the keto diet
-Improve cognitive function
-Improve athletic performance


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